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The LithiLox Ink Metering Roll


The LithiLox™ Ink Metering Roll is a direct replacement for any ink metering roll in lithographic printing presses.

- Replaces “Micrometric” steel and chrome plated knurled metering rolls in all Goss presses.

- Replaces steel knurled meter rolls in Harris V15’s, V30’s, N250’s & Mercury presses.

- Replaces steel knurled and smooth copper plated meter rolls in Harris N800, N845, 900, 936, 954, 1600, 1650 & 1700 presses.

Rilsan®, a patented nylon developed specifically for printing application, has superior ink holding and carrying capacities than either steel or copper.

*Superior resistance to “stripping”    *Durable & Resilient *More oleophyllic    *Will not crack, split or peel; superior adhesion

Our unique engraving process increases surface area, thereby surface tension of any given roll by 80 to 100% resulting in an increase of 40 to 80% ink carrying capacity to enable the printer to run heavy coverage jobs at higher speeds.

Higher speeds, less stripping & more coverage equals higher productivity and profit


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