Cylinders & Rollers

In our Keller, Texas manufacturing and repair facility, we build and repair rolls and cylinders up to 160" long and 24" in diameter.  Coatings available include chrome, copper, stainless steel and nylon.  Additionally, we offer heat treated, hardened, ink fountain and anvil rolls. All of our rolls and cylinders are manufactured or repaired to exacting OEM standards.

To minimize your down-time, we offer an exchange program on many different rolls and cylinders. Need a spare set of cylinders for your press? We can do that! Planning a roll replacement project on your pressline? We can do that too! Have the rolls and cylinders you need on your floor before you begin your projects.

Rolls for your printing units include Water Pan Rolls, Water Vibrator Rolls, Distributor Rolls, Nylon Rolls, Knurled Rolls and Ink Fountain Rolls. Rolls for your folding equipment include RTF Rolls, Gathering Rolls, Fold Rolls, Breaker Rolls and Anvil Rolls.

Cylinders for your printing units include Plate Cylinders, Blanket Cylinders and Impression Cylinders. Cylinders for your folding equipment include Jaw Cylinders, Knife Cylinders and Collect Cylinders.

Our goal is to have what you need, when you need it to keep your equipment always running.


Home of the LithiLox Ink Metering Roll

The LithiLox Ink Metering Roll is a direct replacement for any ink metering roll in lithographic printing presses.

Our unique engraving process increases surface area, thereby surface tension of any given roll by 80 to 100% resulting in an increase of 40 to 80% ink carrying capacity to enable the printer to run heavy coverage jobs at higher speeds.

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